Building Reports

Over 1,900 building reports have been produced by the YVBSG. To find out which buildings have been recorded, you can either view the Interactive Map or browse through the List of Building Reports (arranged alphabetically by parish) by following the links below.

Interactive map of building reports

To view the interactive map, click on the map image below - this will open a new browser window containing the map. Before using the map for the first time, we strongly recommend that you watch this short introductory video, Discovering YVBSG reports online, to help you get the most out of the map.

Static image of interactive map

Tips for using the map

  • Hover over any point with your cursor and click on the point (if using a laptop or PC, wait until the hand symbol turns into a pointing finger). The pop-up box should show details of the building.
  • The pop-up box will contain a link which you can click on to bring up the pdf version of the report on that building. Please note that these reports are password-protected and only YVBSG members have access to view or download them. When prompted, members should use the same password as for the Members' Area.
  • To find a particular report, zoom in to the map slightly (using the '+' symbol; 6 or 7 clicks should do it), then enter the report number (or a building name or place) in the search box with the binoculars. The point on the map in the middle of your window should be the building you've searched for.
  • To find reports in a specific locality, click on the magnifying glass symbol and enter the locality into the search box. Press return and use the mouse or keyboard down-arrow to select the relevant locality.

List of building reports

The list of buildings recorded by the YVBSG is, on the whole, arranged alphabetically by civil parish. To find out which buildings have been recorded in a particular location, click on the first letter of the parish/township in which you are interested. In areas where civil parishes do not exist, the recorders have chosen an alternative indication of location; if you do not find the building you are looking for under a particular location, it may be worth looking under a nearby parish/township. The list includes all reports completed and accessioned to the archive up to the end of December 2022.

You may also find it helpful to refer to the GENUKI Alphabetical List of Places in Yorkshire for alternative place names.