Guidelines, Forms and Templates for Recording a Vernacular Building

Notes on the Recording of Vernacular Buildings

The group has compiled a set of guidelines outlining the basic method used by the Group to measure, draw and describe a building. Those who are new to recording, in particular, may find these notes (revised January 2009) useful.

Forms, templates and further guidance

Other documents which the group recommends for use when recording buildings and writing reports (including the individual forms and templates incorporated in the Notes above) are available here for downloading in either Word or pdf format. Please see the Notes above for full details on how to use these documents.

Pre-visit guidance

  • Guidance for Householders (Word or pdf)
  • Guidance for Survey Group Leaders (Word or pdf)

Measuring and describing the building

  • Building Survey Sheet (Word or pdf) - for taking notes 'in the field'
  • Notes on Completing the Building Survey Sheet (Word or pdf)
  • Fixtures and Fittings Recording Form (Word or pdf) - can also form part of final report

Producing the final report

  • Report Cover Form (Word or pdf) - to be completed for all reports submitted
  • The Building Report (Word or pdf) - suggested list of headings